January Cluster Specialties and Supported Entries


Great Lakes English Springer Spaniel Breeder’s Association (Supported Entry and Concurrent Specialty)
Golden Retriever Club of Illinois (Concurrent Specialty and Designated Specialty)
Land of Lincoln Golden Retriever Club (Concurrent Specialty and Designated Specialty)
Western Irish Setter Club (Supported Entries and Designated Specialty)


Chicagoland Hound Association
American Foxhound Club, Inc. (National Specialty)
American Azawakh Association (Supported Entry)
Harrier Club of America (two Supported Entries)
Wisconsin Beagle Club (Designated Specialty)
American Sloughi Association (Supported Entry)
Greater Chicago Whippet Club (Designated Specialty)
American Whippet Club (Supported Entry)


Illini Doberman Pinscher Club
Illini Great Dane Club (Designated Specialty)
Lakeshore Great Dane Club (two Designated Specialties)
Kuvasz Club of America (three Designated Specialties)


American Russell Terrier Club (Supported Entry)
Irish Terrier Club of Chicago (Supported Entry)


Pomeranian Club of America (three Designated Specialties)


Chow Chow Club of Greater Chicago (Designated Specialty and Supported Entry)
Keeshond Fanciers of The Central States (Desginated Specialty)


American Belgian Malinois Club (three Supported Entries)
Northeastern Illinois Bouvier des Flandres Club (Designated Specialty)

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