1. Where will the International Kennel Club of Chicago show be held in 2023?
      The Great American Dog Show, brought to you by the International Kennel Club of Chicago, will be held in Chicago, IllinoisatMcCormickPlace’siconicLakesideCenter.Saturday’sgroupandbestinshowjudgingwillbeheldintheArieCrownTheater. 

    2. Will the 2023 International be a benched show?
      At this point, we have not made that determination.  We are committed to holding a show that is both exhibitor-friendly and spectator-friendly.  We want IKC to be not just a dog show, but a destination event where the public can come and learn about purebred dogs and the many things that dogs can do.    

    3. When will the 2023 International be held?
      Right now, we are tentatively planning for August 2023 dates, but we will be confirming show dates in December 2021.  

    4. I want to be a member.  How can I apply?
      We have been extremely busy with the flurry of tasks that need to be done in the short term for the company.  We will be developing our plans for new members in the coming weeks, but we are not quite ready to tackle that yet.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please check back here for updates, and sign up for our mailing list to receive the very latest news and developments delivered right to your inbox.  

    5. I want to make a donation to IKC.
      We are flattered by and grateful for your generosity!  However, IKC is not a charity or a non profit organization and we are not accepting private investors.  If you have money you’d like to use in support of our sport, we suggest that you donate to the Canine Health Foundation or the AKC Canine Legislative Fund and PAC.  

    6.  I want to donate old photographs or memorabilia from past shows.
      Please contact us to let us know.  

    7. I want to volunteer to help at the 2023 International!
      Great!  Fill out our volunteer form online.  

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