Best of Breed Medallions

Best of Breed Medallions

2024 Best of Breed Medallions are Back!

The International Kennel Club of Chicago has been proud to offer the coveted IKC Best of Breed medallions throughout our history. With the rebirth of the IKC, we are again offering the iconic medallions, but bigger and better! The new medallions are 2” in diameter adorned with a green and gold grosgrain ribbon, each in an individual award box for the extremely reasonable sponsorship level of $55 for both the winter (January 20, 2024) and autumn (November 23, 2024) shows.

We are pleased to invite you to be part of IKC tradition by sponsoring the Best of Breed medallion for your breed. Sponsorship is open to individuals and regional clubs who wish to sponsor their breed’s medallions!

Sponsorship for 2024 allows the sponsoring club or person the first opportunity to sponsor the next year, so missing this chance could mean missing it forever.

Please check the list below to see which breeds have already been sponsored.

Please note that paying via credit card includes a $5 convenience fee.

Best of Breed Medallion Sponsors

AffenpinscherBradley Phifer, Sirobe Kennel
Afghan HoundTracee Elwess - Sandscript
Airedale TerrierAiredale Terrier Club of Illinois
American FoxhoundWinquest Hounds
American Hairless TerrierEdelweiss Kennel
Australian ShepherdJ. Clute
AzawakhDoug Koger, Domiko Azawakh
BasenjiBradley Phifer, Sirobe Kennel
Beagle, 13"Eddie Dziuk
Beagle, 15"Eddie Dziuk
Bedlington TerrierJake Boudreau
Belgian MalinoisLynn Daniel, Lynnhaven Kennel
Belgian SheepdogsWildmour Kennels
Berger PicardIdes of March Picards
Bernese Mountain DogDave & Jeni West - Jenda Bernese Mountain Dogs
Bichon FriseNancy and Gary Brown
Black and Tan CoonhoundOld Soul Kennel
Border TerrierMeadowlake Border Terriers
BorzoiStuart McGraw and Justine Spiers, Justart Borzoi
Boston TerrierBoston Terrier Club of America
Bracco ItalianoWhiskey Hills Bracchi Italiano
Bull Terrier, ColoredMr. Desmond Murphy
Bull Terrier, WhiteMr. Desmond Murphy
BrittanyClint & Karen Livingston- Trio Brittany's
Brussels GriffonWishing Well Kennels
BullmastiffCorral West Kennels
Cavalier King Charles SpanielMr Cesar Cortes - Londoncor
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverMs. Karrie Dollar
Chinese Crested DogEdelweiss Kennel
Chinese Shar PeiGrace Fritz, Good Fortune Chinese Shar-Pei
Coton de TulearChrista Schonscheck of Firebird Show Dogs
Curly Coated RetrieverMs. Karrie Dollar
Dachshund, LonghairedPramada Koradox Dachshunds
Dachshund, Smooth House Passport
Dachshund, WirehairedWatermark Wirehaired Dachshund
Dandie Dinmont TerrierKing’s Mtn. Dandie Dinmont Terriers
English FoxhoundWolfRun Hounds and Kingsbury Kennels
English SetterCaryl Hodges and Stuart McGraw, Winchester English Setters
French BulldogGus Sinibaldi
German Shorthaired PointerStephanie Clemons and Treasa Rost
German Wirehaired PointerLaura Reeves
Golden RetrieverWingate Goldens
GreyhoundLochinvar - Maureen Lucas, Valerie King, and Jen Stout
HarrierKingsbury Kennel & WolfRun Hounds
Ibizan HoundHolt & Warren, Ironquest and Heron & Hound
Irish Water SpanielSondra and Mark Barker, Sycomore Irish Water Spaniels
Irish WolfhoundCharlie, Debbie and Beth Chastain M.D. Brie Irish Wolfhounds
Japanese ChinWalenga Japanese Chin
KeeshondDon and Cathy Bosnic
Kerry Blue TerriersBlake Hansen
KuvaszKuvasz Club of America
Labrador RetrieverMr. Desmond Murphy
Miniature American ShepherdDynasty Miniature Americans in the memory of Fran Withers
Miniature Bull TerrierCharlie, Debbie and Beth Chastain, M.D.
Miniature SchnauzerJohn & Lloyd Constantine-Amodei
Norwegian ElkhoundAndy & Miranda Vance
Old English SheepdogLiz Muthard & Charlie Olvis
OtterhoundLiz Muthard & Charlie Olvis
Parson Russell TerrierHeart of Illinois Parson Russell Terrier Club
Pharaoh HoundHallam Pharaoh Hounds
PointerChristine Pinkston
PomeranianDr. Geno Sisneros
Poodle, StandardAslaam Nasidudin & Doug Koger, Domiko
Portuguese Podengo PequenoCorral West Kennels
PugLaurie Cowhig, in memory of Bambi
Pyrenean ShepherdJennifer Cannon
Redbone CoonhoundLost Heritage Hounds
Rhodesian RidgebackWalker Rhodesian Ridgebacks - Sally Fineburg & Stacey Fineburg & Shana Owen DVM
RottweilerDale Kaplan and Holley Eldred
Saint BernardJann Butler, Terri Ebert & Will Bratcher -Sapphire Mountain Saints
Saluki Julie Mueller - Aurora Salukis
SamoyedDorene & Fonzo Villasenor
SchipperkeIn memory of Sandy King
SloughiAmerican Sloughi Association
Standard SchnauzerMischief Standard Schnauzers and Lowchens
Tibetan SpanielOrange Blossom Tibetan Spaniel Club of Florida
Tibetan TerrierTibetan Terrier Club of America
Toy Manchester Terrier Michelle Barlak, Maximal Manchester Terriers
Treeing Walker CoonhoundLost Heritage Hounds
VizslaRebecca & Mark Smith, ReMark Vizslas
WhippetPamela Lambie